Monday Funny Quotes for Work

73 Monday Funny Quotes for Work

Work can sometimes feel monotonous and draining, especially on a Monday when the weekend seems far away. Injecting some humor into the work environment can lighten the mood and make the day more enjoyable. With that in mind, here are 73 funny Monday quotes for work that will bring a smile to your face and help you kickstart the week with a dose of laughter.

Monday Funny Quotes for Work

1. “Love is not about finding someone who never hurts you, it’s about finding someone who hurts with you. Never regret loving someone who hurt with you.”

2. “Coffee: because adulting is hard, and Mondays are harder.”

3. “Monday: the day when coffee feels like a hug for your brain.”

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4. “Monday mornings: the villain of every week’s story.”

5. “Monday is a reminder that even weekends have their limits.”

6. “Monday: the day when I question my career choices the most.”

7. “I can’t adult today. Please don’t make me adult on a Monday.”

8. “Monday: the day where optimism and reality collide.”

9. “The only thing worse than a Monday is a Monday without coffee.”

10. “Dear Monday, I want to break up. I’m seeing Tuesday, and she looks way better.”

11. “Monday is like a punchline to a bad joke. Nobody likes it, but it’s inevitable.”

12. “Monday: when you’re grateful for your alarm clock because it means you still have a job.”

13. “On Mondays, I believe in the power of positive thinking. Positive that it’s not going to be a good day.”

14. “Monday is a fresh start. Like going back to the beginning of a never-ending maze.”

14. “If Monday had a face, I’d punch it. But then I’d be in jail, and Mondays would win.”

15. “Monday is the reason I drink so much coffee. And the reason I can’t sleep on Sunday night.”

16. “Monday: the day when reality hits harder than a meme.”

17. “It’s Monday. Time to motivate myself to pretend to work until Friday.”

18. “Monday: the day I realize I haven’t achieved the dreams I had last Friday.”

19. “Monday is a reminder that weekends are like unicorns – beautiful but rarely seen.”

20. “I’m not saying I hate Mondays, but they definitely rank right above stepping on a Lego.”

21. “On Mondays, I count my blessings. One, it’s only one day. Two, it’s not Monday every day.”

22. “Monday is nature’s way of telling you that the weekend is overrated.”

23. “Monday should be optional. Like a side dish you can choose to skip.”

24. “The best thing about Monday is that it’s only one-seventh of your life.”

25. “Monday: the day I start counting down to the next weekend.”

26. “Mondays are like the snooze button of life. You keep hitting them, hoping they’ll go away.”

27. “Monday: the day when I realize how ambitious my weekend to-do list was.”

28. “I’m allergic to Mondays. I break out in grumbles and groans.”

29. “Monday: the day when my bed feels like a long-lost lover.”

30. “Monday mornings: the perfect time to plan your next weekend escape.”

31. “If Monday had a face, I’d avoid it like I avoid my responsibilities.”

32. “Coffee and Monday mornings have a lot in common. They both require a lot of patience and a touch of magic.”

33. “Monday: the day I question why weekends aren’t longer and workdays shorter.”

34. “On Mondays, I try to remind myself that I’m too blessed to be stressed. But then my alarm goes off.”

35. “Monday: the day I wish weekends came with a ‘Snooze’ button.”

36. “Mondays are like villains in disguise, stealing the joy from our weekends.”

37. “Monday: the day when my brain needs a software update, but my motivation is still on version 1.0.”

38. “Mondays are like chocolate-covered broccoli. No matter how you dress them up, they’re still Mondays.”

39. “Monday: the day when my bed feels comfier than a million-dollar paycheck.”

40. “If Monday had a theme song, it would be ‘I Will Survive’ by Gloria Gaynor.”

41. “Monday mornings: the only time of the week when the snooze button has a gravitational pull.”

42. “Mondays are like a bad hair day for the soul.”

43. “On Mondays, I believe in miracles. Like finding a clean coffee mug in the office kitchen.”

44. “Monday: the day when my weekend plans and reality have a serious disagreement.”

45. “Monday is like a bookmark in a book called ‘Workweek.’ You’re just waiting for the plot twist called ‘Friday.'”

46. “Mondays are like a recurring clock of existential dread.”

47. “Monday: the day when I need GPS to navigate my way to motivation.”

48. “Coffee is my spirit animal on Monday mornings. It’s the only thing keeping me from turning into a Monday monster.”

49. “Mondays: proof that even the calendar wants to start the week with a groan.”

50. “On Mondays, I’m a cross between a zombie and a caffeine-addicted squirrel.”

51. “Monday: the day when my coffee intake is directly proportional to my enthusiasm for work.”

52. “Mondays are like a sunrise after a long night – beautiful, but also a rude awakening.”

53. “Monday: the day when I realize that I need more weekends in my weekends.”

54. “Monday: the day when my alarm clock turns into a vengeful nemesis.”

55. “On Mondays, I play a game called ‘Let’s Pretend I’m a Morning Person.’ Spoiler alert: I always lose.”

56. “Mondays are like a rollercoaster. The only difference is that the ride goes on for five days.”

57. “Monday: the day when even my coffee needs coffee.”

58. “On Mondays, I have a love-hate relationship with gravity. It’s the reason I have to drag myself out of bed.”

59. “Monday mornings are like empty notebooks, waiting to be filled with coffee stains and to-do lists.”

60. “Monday: the day when my sarcasm levels are at an all-time high.”

61. “Mondays are like an unwelcome guest who overstays their welcome.”

62. “On Mondays, I channel my inner superhero. My alter ego is called ‘The Coffee Commander.'”

63. “Monday: the day when even my shadow needs a nap.”

64. “Mondays are like getting stuck in traffic during a road trip. They slow down the journey but can’t stop the adventure.”

65. “Monday mornings: the perfect time to contemplate life’s most pressing question – ‘Can I call in rich?'”

66. “On Mondays, I’m a coffee-powered productivity machine. Or at least that’s what I like to believe until my first yawn.”

67. “Monday: the day when I try to find motivation in the depths of my coffee cup.”

68. “Mondays are like a blurry picture. You have to squint your eyes and hope it gets clearer as the day goes on.”

69. “Mondays are like the villain in a movie. They keep coming back for a sequel no one asked for.”

70. “Monday: the day when my brain is on vacation, and my body is stuck at work.”

71. “Monday: the day when my enthusiasm for the weekend hits an all-time low.”

72. “Mondays are like a reality check. They remind me that dreams are for the weekend.”

73. “On Mondays, I have a special talent for turning coffee into sarcasm.”

Bottom Line

Work doesn’t have to be all serious and stressful, especially on Mondays. Injecting some humor and laughter into the work environment can make the day more enjoyable and help us navigate through the challenges of the week.